Gulfstream IV

AIRtec’s GIV is an all-weather completely customizable mission-ready aircraft. This variation of Gulfstream boasts Rolls-Royce Tay turbofan engines which offer greater thrust and more efficient fuel burn than earlier models. This means more time on station during missions. The spacious interior is easily customizable for several different types of mission equipment. An axillary power unit allows our customers with more ground run time in a comfortable climate-controlled environment. Its mission representative altitude, range, and airspeed make the GIV the perfect go-to aircraft for many test platforms.


MAXIMUM RANGE 3600 (approximately) NM
ENDURANCE Up to 6 hours


Our Fleet

Basler BT-67

AIRtec’s Basler BT-67 is a remanufactured Douglas Turbo DC-3. Its versatile configuration makes it the perfect platform for many different types of projects.


Beechcraft Baron

AIRtec’s Beechcraft Baron is a twin-engine reciprocating airplane. Its exceptional speed and versatility make this a very cost-effective aircraft for many different range or surveillance missions.

Gulfstream IV

AIRtecs Gulfstream IV is a long range, long endurance, high altitude, mission capable jet aircraft. Its fully customizable cabin makes it capable for many unique customer sensor, and mission requirements.


King Air 200T

AIRtec’s King Air 200T is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. The tip tank model of King Air 200 offers the unique ability to extend the time spent on range or missions.


King Air A100

AIRtec’s King Air 100 is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. It has been uniquely modified to carry either surface radar systems or an auto-tracking telemetry antenna in the belly mounted radome.


King Air B200C

AIRtec’s King Air 200C is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. The fully customizable interior and aircraft manoeuvrability makes it a uniquely versatile aeroplane for any project.

Falcon 10

AIRtec’s Falcon 10 is a traditional swept-wing subsonic turbo-fan jet aircraft. This aircraft is configured with dual-frequency GPS capability as well as UHF, L and C band telemetry downlink.


Rotary Wing

AIRtec’s Bell 206 Jet Ranger is a two-bladed extended range rotor wing aircraft. Equipped with the CINEFLEX V14 camera system, this aircraft is a customer favorite for high-resolution video recording.

GSA Schedule

AIRtec has a GSA schedule (Multiple Award Schedule) that allows for the fast and flexible procurement of services. Contact us today.


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