Earth Science Aircraft

AIRtec operates multiple aircraft and specialized instruments to support studies conducted by NASA, FEMA and the Earth science community, improving scientists’ understanding of our planet.

The company maintains a fleet of rapidly reconfigurable aircraft with wing hard points, fuselage belly ports and internal space for mission equipment that can be deployed quickly for Earth science missions. These aircraft are typically used to obtain high-resolution, detailed measurements of ground, water and ice phenomena.  Our aircrew, avionics and auto-pilot systems are optimized to fly very detailed profiles to collect precise data.

Our aircraft can provide scientists with high-altitude and long-duration flights, and the ability to fly large payloads and multiple instruments simultaneously to nearly anywhere at any time. 

Other Capabilities

At AIRtec we have the capability to suit your mission

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

AIRtec provides a complete range of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance equipped programs, continuously updated with the latest technology and methodologies.


Airborne ISR Training

Utilizing a variety of techniques and equipment, we train ISR specialists on collecting information related to the actions of targets, ensuring the best chance of a mission’s success.


Earth Science Aircraft

We operate multiple aircraft and specialized instruments to support of studies conducted by the Earth science community.


Range Safety

AIRtec’s Range Safety services provide clear testing range areas for exercises involving live fire, rocketry or other hazardous events for lengths of up to eight hours.

Mission Management

Our expertise ranges from strategic intelligence analysis, expert instruction on sensors, cyberspace operations, information systems, and knowledge management services among others.

Airborne Telemetry

AIRtec’s Airborne Telemetry platform provides reliable detection, tracking, relay and recording for a variety of missions and testing scenario.